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Lyss Doodles

Lyss Doodles Exclusives

Lyss Doodles Exclusives

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This product is for exclusive purchase only. Meaning, the outcome of this custom item will not be sold to anyone else. Please do not use any codes for this. 🥹

**Tat will be 4 weeks from purchase date**

for your exclusive package #1 you will receive:

1 toss or Comic image. Not both, but you can choose. 
1 png sublimation

2 coordinates, which will be created using filler elements of your main design. Stars or Checkers will be a standard coordinate. 

Package #2 you will receive:

everything from package 1 except you will get both a comic image and a toss main image. 

Design details:

Your main image will be no more than 2-3 main characters and 2-3 filler elements. (Depends on complexity) If you need more main characters, please include this in your email and there will be a extra fee of 30$cad per extra character.

Elements used in the designs created for you, reserves the following: 

- All main characters and filler elements will be reserved for your use as they are. Which means, colours used, and in the form you receive them in. However, i do reserve the right to reuse any characters with new colours or new forms. The characters and elements will be exclusively yours in the form you receive them in.

example: you request a pawpatrol design with flowers and rainbows. I will not remake a pawpatrol design with flowers and rainbows. But i might later remake a pawpatrol design… as these characters cannot be exclusive to you. But i wont reuse the art made for you to create a new design. I will just redraw it, and redo the colours. This is what i reserve the right for. I dont want anyone saying well, i paid for exclusive pawpatrol so you cant redraw anymore pawpatrol. (Ive seen this happen) 

- I do not include ANY resell rights. You can not resell my art at any point. Yes its exclusively yours to use for your personal use, and your business use. But its still my art and i reserve any and all rights to profiting from my art. 

If you need to speak with me on this before purchase please be sure to email or message me on facebook to clarify.  I will not refund anyone who’s confused or not understanding the use of my art exclusively sold. So please make sure any questions you have are answered prior to check out. This is for my sanity and yours! Lets protect each other! 🥰😘


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